I feel like I haven’t been blown away by an incredible breakfast in a long time and Augusto Lisboa did just that! The service was excellent and the food was seriously out of this world! I had the Avocado Toast which was possibly the best avocado toast I have ever experienced with whole wheat homestyle bread topped with scrambled eggs and a type of creamed cheese, the plate was surrounded by a Portuguese style sauce (I forgot the name). I got the “muito fome” (very hungry) menu selection and it came with a fresh juice, I highly recommend the “vitamin” juice with strawberry & orange, it was perfect.

Next up I chose a fruit bowl without granola because my body doesn’t handle oats well served with a matcha latte that was as delicious as it was beautiful. I have to say that the attention to detail in this place is stellar from the decor to the platings to the plate/silverware, I specialize in hospitality and must say that I am super impressed! My favorite part about it all? My server told me the detail of everything that I received with pride which speaks so much about a restaurant when the staff thoroughly loves the items served. Thank you Augusto Lisboa! You are now my favorite brunch spot in Lisbon, possibly anywhere I’ve been.